Santa Rita Winery
Visiting Santa Rita’s Vineyard represent a fascinating trip around the cultural heritage of Chile and the wine tradition, located just 45 minutes away from Santiago. Placed in the foothill zone of Alto Jahuel, in Buin, the vineyard is surrounded by a extraordinary natural environment, where the wine tradition, the national culture of Chile and the gastronomy coexists.

Classic tour. Includes amazing wine tasting moment of our Aged Wines and a wine glass gift. 
17 $ Dollars (per person) 
$ 10.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Classic private tour. Includes Aged Wines tasting and a wine glass gift. 
32 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 19.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Tour Premium. Includes an exclusive tasting of icons Santa Rita wines served with a cheese board and dried fruit. 
59 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 30.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Tour Ultra Premum. Includes a Wine Expert and a tasting of 6 Ultra- Premium wines, served with a cheese board and dried fruit. 
118.000 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 70.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

PIC NIC. Includes a gourmet product selection and Santa Rita wines.
$ 23 US Dollars (per person) 
$ 16.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Wine maker experience. Includes designing the blend, blending, bottling, corking, labelling, wax-sealing and tasting. Each participant gets to take their own bottle, a wine glass and a souvenir apron with them as a gift. 
From 10 to 19 passengers
51 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 30.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

From 20 to 39 passengers
41 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 25.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Pedal Bar Tour. is a one of a kind alternative. Includes a tasting and a wine glass gift. 
25 $ US Dollars (per person) 
$ 15.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

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We keep the same price directly offered by the wineries in their websites or wine shops.

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