• wine and food pairing near Colchagua
    La Sal, Pichilemu, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Santa Ema, wine tasting
    Santa Ema, Isla de Maipo, Santiago, Chile
  • Clos Santa Ana winery
    Clos Santa Ana, Colchagua, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Tarapaca Winery
    Tarapacá, Isla de Maipo, Santiago, Chile
  • Concha y Toro, Pirque, Santiago, Chile
    Concha y Toro, Pirque, Santiago, Chile
  • Laura Hartwig Winery
    Laura Hartwig, Colchagua, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Laura Hartwig Winery wine tour
    Laura Hartwig, Colchagua, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Apalta Valley wine tour
    Valle de Apalta, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Lapostolle winery
    Viña Lapostolle, Valle de Apalta, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Clos Santa Ana winery
    Clos Santa Ana, Colchagua, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Hot tube at Alaia Hotel
    Buda lodge, Pichilemu, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Hotel Alaia, Pichilemu, wine tour
    Hotel Alaia, Pichilemu, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Nilahue oysters and wine in Chile
    Salinas Cahuil, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Handycrafts at pichilemu
    Tienda Viejo Imperio, Pichilemu, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Old man. Salt artisan at Nilahue
    Molinero, Pañul, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Watermill at Pañul
    Molino de agua, Pañul, O´Higgins, Chile
  • Casa Macaire, Valle de Casablanca
    Casa Macaire, Valle de Casablanca, Chile
  • Bodegas Re winery, Casablanca
    Bodegas Re, Valle de Csablanca, Chile
  • Nilahue wetland, Pichilemu
    Humedal Nilahue, O´Higgins, Chile
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An exclusive and unique wine adventure only for the lucky ones who can afford it

Discover the three most representative wine valleys in Chile: Maipo, Colchagua and Casablanca. We have made a careful selection of its best wineries and wines so you can enjoy them for five full days of pleasure and leisure. The perfect balance between the new boutique family owned wineries that produce author wines, today so in vogue in Chile, and great historical and reknown wineries of international prestige.

A food and wine experience that achieves a perfect assembly between the traditional "picadas" of the central area, historic restaurants and the new trends of haute cuisine by internationally renowned chefs. So you can enjoy the sophisticated dishes of the new Chilean cuisine without overlooking the culinary expressions of the most typical and country Chile, such as having breakfast with Chilean ash-baked pork rind tortilla or eating delicious meat or seafood patties cooked in a clay oven under a ramada.

All this paired with the stunning landscape of the vineyards at the foot of the imposing mountain range of Los Andes, the Maipo River, Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys, the Pacific Ocean beaches, the countryside, wetlands full of colorful water birds and a wild nature that remains pristine in many areas of Chile.

The perfect plan for the hedonistic traveler and lover of the fine cuisine and local products who wants to abandon himself to endless pleasures beyond gastronomy, wine and contemplation: visit the workshops of local artists in Pichilemu, take a boat trip or surf, enjoy a pisco sour in a hot tub by the sea or share a white wine and freshly caught oysters with the endearing artisans of the ancient salt pans of Nilahue.

Obviously, in this adventure we have taken care of all the details. You will rest every night in charming hotels and enjoy the exquisite, personal and warm treatment of their owners.

If you are a wine-loving foodie, you like enjoy life to its fullest and you can afford it, don't miss this wine adventure!

The “Wine and waves" vacation package. 4 days and 5 nights premium experience includes:

Day 1. Maipo Valley. Top 3. The most famous wineries in the Valley

  • Pick up at your hotel in Santiago
  • Concha y Toro winery Tour and tasting
  • Santa Rita premium tasting
  • Lunch in Doña Paula Restaurant
  • Visit the Andean Museum
  • Undurraga Tour and tasting
  • Visit the Mapuches' museum
  • Dinner at Pumayen cottage
  • Sleep at Peumayen cottage in Isla de Maipo

Day 2. Isla de Maipo wine lovers premium tour and to Colchagua Valley

  • Breakfast at Peuayen Cottage
  • De Martino winery visit and tasting
  • Tarapacá winery visit and tasting
  • Lunch at Zinfandel Restaurant in Terramater winery
  • Terramater winery visit and tasting
  • Santa Ema winery visit and tasting
  • Sleep at hotel Casa de Campo in Colchagua 

Day 3. Apalta - Colchagua Valley and to Pichilemu. Sunset at the see

  • Breakfast at Casa de Campo hotel
  • Viña Lapostolle Winery Tour and tasting
  • Viña Laura Hartwig tasting
  • Viña Clos Santa Ana Tour and tasting
  • Lunch at Clos Santa Ana
  • Hot tube and pisco sour by the see at hotel Alaia in Pichilemu
  • Dinner at hotel Alaia Restaurant
  • Sleep at hotel Alaia 

Day 4. Pichilemu. Art and waves, gastronomy and to Casablanca valley

  • Breakfast at hotel Alaia
  • Cultural visit to important artists and their workshops or Surf or pedal boat at the beach
  • Visit to a wild wetland to see waterfowl
  • Brunch. Oysters and white wine at the wetland
  • Visit to old saltworks
  • Lunch at Casa Cuesta Restaurant in Pichilemu
  • Dinner at Casa Macaire Hotel in Casablanca valley
  • Sleep at Casa Macaire Hotel

Day 5. Four course meal with a different wine pairing for each course at Bodegas Re in Casablanca valley and back to Santiago

  • Breakfast at Macaire Hotel
  • Tour and tasting in Bodegas Re in Casablanca valley
  • Lunch in Bodegas Re
  • Drop off at your hotel in Santiago

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