Welcome to the oldest wine making region of Chile! The Maipo Valley has been selected by the readers of USA TODAY as the third most recommended wine region to visit in the world.
Visit to Viña De Martino Maipo Valley Wine Tours
We invite you to discover and enjoy a world of wine through smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing.

Sample some of the most renowned Chilean wines in one of the most traditional regions. A memorable experience among vineyards, visiting small cellars and top wineries, tasting outstanding wines, enjoying traditional food and sharing the cultural heritage and traditions with Maipo Valley's people.

Feel the land and enjoy it together with the small producers who, with care, love and passion, work with plants and animals to create the magic of gourmet artisan high-quality products such as chocolates, honey, spices, deli meats or delicious pastries.

In the Maipo Valley, less than an hour from Santiago, you will find the real Chile!
vineyard in winter Maipo Valley Wine ToursTarapaca Vineyard Maipo Valley Wine Tours

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