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Maipo Travel

Eco Wine Adventures

From Maipo Valley, vineyard and historical cellar of Santiago, to the main wine valleys of Chile: Colchagua, Casablanca, San Antonio, Aconcagua, Maule, Itata, Bio Bio

For those of us who love nature and gastronomy, value friendliness … And worship wine devotedly!

Enjoy locally sourced healthy products, beautiful landscapes, historical heritage, tranquility and memorable experiences in the always pleasant and magical company of the excellent Chilean wines.

On foot, by bike, on horseback… Live genuine adventures with authentic people whose way of life is closely linked to this generous land.

It is very rewarding to share with you our passion for wine and introduce you to the artists who make this miracle possible.

They will show you the secrets of winemaking and enthusiastically acquaint you with their wealth of knowledge. To complete the experience you will be delighted with sublime tastings and pairings.

These experiences are a chance to slow down, take in the atmosphere of the enchanting chilean country life and abandon yourself to the pleasures of life.

From the Andes to the sea, from famous renowned, internationally awarded wineries to boutique family owned batch wineries you may before not have heard of, but which you will, after your visit, never forget.

Let us take care of everything saving you all hassels … And enjoy the adventure to the fullest!


Feel like part of the family at each winery

There is something we all have in common in Maipo Travel: We love what we do

You will feel it at the local family run places. While enjoying a leisurely homestead lunch under a lovely canopy in the courtyard of a restored colonial home. Surrounded by bushes and trees loaded with fruits, free-range chickens and peacocks wandering around and the vineyards and the Andes in the background.  Chatting with the land lady while spreading Chilean salsa and chili on the fresh bread made in the in house bakery and trying her delicious pastel de choclo, a short of shepherd’s corn cake with eggs paired with a local raw wine varietal.

But you will also sense it during a three course wine pairing at Doña Paula Restaurant (Santa Rita winery), a National Monument and considered the best restaurant outside Santiago. Resting in a luxurious though authentic and original accommodation like Viña VIK winery or enjoying some wellness and relax at Casablanca SPA & WINE.

Intimate truly local and authentic experiences with personalized care

We try our best to design totally non-presumptuous experiences and avoid as much as possible places like purely commercial tasteless tourist gift shops or plastic look environments.

We are proud of our expertise to set all the experiences up and space out the activities to fill the day in a way that the schedule doesn’t feel rushed, showing you the vaults and behind the scenes and allowing you to see locals go about their way.

Our goal is to offer intimate truly local and authentic experiences with personalized care and room for unexpected surprises.

Relax while you learn the science and skill behind making wine, taste it and enjoy your preferred activities!

Delightful travel companions

We all love what we do. It is the only way a guide can share his / her knowledge and expertise in an easily understandable and thoroughly friendly and entertaining fashion … In words of one of our guests´ comments: “A joy to listen to”.

We worship wine devoutly! And we love Chile! Thus, we enjoy sharing with you insights into the local culture knowledge and all kind of interesting snippets of geology, climate, traditions and all things related to wine and historical to the wine valleys of Chile.

We are wine experts, you can take it for granted. And some of us have also worked in renowned wineries as guides and world wide ambassadors.

As it could not be otherwise, we have an excellent relationship with all the places we visit and we respect and we admire the people whom we share this passion with: the huasos (Chilean cawboys) who guide the horsbacks, wine makers, chefs, artists, land ladies, winery owners…

We are aware that we are nature itself

We are what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, the places we are in, the plants and animals we share with, the rivers, the mountains, the seas… The elements that make all this wonderful physical and spiritual reality possible.

A wine experience to treasure. Worth every penny you invest on it

We want you to end the wine adventure thinking that the “all-inclusive” price was exceptional. Although the experience may be considered “expensive” a priori, and why not? Our goal is that afterwards you finish the adventure convinced that It was more than worth it!

We give back to the community

We organize the experiences in such a way that the money is spread among all local small entreprises and the people that take part in the adventure.

You are welcome with open arms

We want you to feel as if you are spending a day with local friends enjoying the best of what Chilean wine valleys have to offer you.


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  • 4 Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.  


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