• Wine tours and visit to wineries in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    The ideal wine break from Santiago!
  • Trekking, country grill & winery in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Trekking, grill & organic winery.
  • Concha y Toro Winery visit to wineries in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Discover the essence of wine
  • Tours with children near Santiago Chile
    Let´s go the whole family!
  • Cultural heritage and wine in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Chilean history and cultural heritage
  • Maipo, a wine valley full of interesting contrasts
    Horseback wine tour & grill
  • Wne tours near Santiago de Chile
    Wineries with innovative architecture
  • Bike wine tours in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Bike wine tours
  • Organic wineries near Santiago de Chile
    Discover the best organic wineries
  • Photography in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Photography tours in vineyards
  • Maipo Valley wine tours in an amazing landscape
    Amazing countryside of Santiago
  • The Maipo, river of life for the wineries
    The Maipo, a River of life
  • Cordón de Cantillana montain range protects Maipo Valley
    Cordón de Cantillana Mountain Range
  • Avocado plantations share the land with vineyards in Maipo Valley
    Avocado plantations near Santiago
  • Isla de Maipo, the main rural and wine producing area
    Isla de Maipo, Wine producing area
  • Visits to vineyards in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    You´ll discover magyc places

A Maipo Travel eco wine adventure told by a very special friend, gastronomy expert and inveterate traveler who came to enjoy our experiences: Jakob Polaco from

If you are in Santiago de Chile or you intend to come, make the most of your visit to Maipo Valley and the experience in its wineries. Contact us!:


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