Corporate Tourism

Corporate Tourism

Maipo Valley Total harmony and nature very near from Santiago.

We create perfecto environment for your strategic meetings, events, coaching or recreational activities, lunch or meals. We adapt to meet your expectations.

Spaces equipped for events in heritage houses, country houses and vineyards combined with horseback riding, trekking, bicycles, different workshops on wine, chocolate, honey, tastings and pairings.

Few places have five prestigious vineyards in a single place. This last, together with its location in the number 1 priority site for the conservation of biodiversity in the R.M., its old heritage houses, the chance of carrying out very diverse activities and an interesting country huaso culture that remains alive, allow us to ideally combine all these attractions to offer you an unforgettable experience of relax and total renewal.

Most recent activities carried out for companies and institutions

• Country day, vineyards and gastronomy with co-workers. Visit to a vineyard with wine tasting + Workshop with a master chocolatier (preparation and tasting of chocolates) + Tasting of gourmet products + Lunch based on local gastronomy Beneficiary: more than 100 employees of Endesa Chilectra Enersis and their families. (Saturdays September, October and November 2015)

• Team horseback riding through the Maipo River and the vineyards. Country breakfast + Horseback riding + Asado + Desktop Beneficiary: Banco Santander’s accounting department team.

• Touring the Maipo Valley. Breakfast in a heritage house + Visit to a nursery + Visit to a vineyard with tasting + Lunch at a local restaurant + Visit to the old copper and gold mines of Naltahua + Visit to a small museum – ethnographic exhibition + Visit to a jam producer + Once and tasting of chicha, pipeño, aged wine and liqueurs. Beneficiary: more than 1,000 elderly people from Caja de los Andes (Monday to Friday from February to November 2015).

• Visit to a beekeeper and workshop. Field breakfast + Visit to the Colmenares + beekeeping workshop + tasting of products derived from honey + company presentation and cocktail. Beneficiaries: international management team of the company Burt’s bees (specific activities 2015)

• Food and wine experience. Breakfast in an old colonial-style house + “create your own wine” activity at Viña De Martino + Mediterranean tour with tasting at Viña Terramater with wine and oil tasting + lunch + Heritage tour with tasting at Viña Miraflores + Visit to Naltagua. Beneficiary: Segittur management team in Government Mission in Chile (last week of October 2015)

• Culture, heritage and oenology. Breakfast + Visit and historical heritage tour to Viña Miraflores + Visit to an artisanal producer of gourmet products + typical lunch in a local restaurant. Beneficiary: guests from South Korea of the National Youth Institute of Chile (specific activities 2015)

• Country day, culture and wine in Isla de Maipo. Breakfast + Visit and historical heritage tour of the municipality and the old copper and gold mines of Naltahua + Visit to an artisanal producer of gourmet products + typical lunch at a local restaurant + Visit to the Miraflores Vineyard with tasting + eleven in a heritage house. Beneficiary: BCI Seguros (specific activities 2015)

SERVICES (prices per person in Chilean pesos)No. of people From
Rental of spaces in heritage houses, vineyards, villas and villas 1/2 day and full day (with breakfast, lunch and coffee break)+ 1058,000
Rental of covered barbecue areas and space in lounges and dining rooms of vineyards, small breweries and well-equipped plots of pleasure+ 1012,000
Tours and tastings in vineyards + 5 10,000
Exclusive workshop tastings of different premium Maipo wines guided by professional winemakers + 5 50,000
Workshop with team dynamics: I create my own wine + 5 60,000
Pairings of three and four times with Premium wines directed by a professional chef + 5 50,000
Exclusive lunches and dinners in restaurants and private villas + 5 15,000
Horseback riding, rides + 5 25,000
Trekking + 5 8,000
Workshop on the elaboration of artisanal products such as honey and chocolate+ 59,000
Transportation to and from Santiago+ 320,000

Note: prices are estimates. IVA included