Honey experience

Honey experience
We work with beekeepers who produce the most exquisite 100% natural honey in the Valley. It’s made right in the countryside using traditional methods. In the visit to Llafkelen Hives, Francisco, the owner, will tell you about the bees’ history, their importance for the ecosystem and mankind and the different products that are obtained from the hives.

You may dress in a special beekeeping suit and, in a totally safe way, you will live the impressive experience of watching a hive very closely, with hundreds of bees swarming around you. Francisco will show you the honeycombs and will tell you about the bees’ life: their social structure, the task of every member of the hive, how the honey is produced, its purpose or the queen’s tasks.

Francisco also has a system of moving a hive next to the house so he can explain the whole process through a glass window while you are safely inside a room.

The hives are placed in a beautiful big garden within the property, that has different kinds of fruit trees, flowers and a swimming pool.

At the end there is a honey tasting and you can buy the products directly from the producer.

One and a half hour activity.


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