Lamb grilled in a metal cross on an open fire

Lamb grilled in a metal cross on an open fire
This is an experience in itself or else the ideal ending if you have time and want to keep enjoying the day for a few hours, after doing another activity such as trekking, horseback riding or visiting a winery. To cook a lamb on a metal cross over an open fire takes about four hours. You may arrive when the lamb is almost ready to eat, and the table set, or you can also watch the whole process while you cook your own churrascas (kneaded bread baked on the grill close to the fire), prepare the choripan (chorizo and bread) and taste the local cheesepaté made from wild boar meat or the arrollado huaso (delicious homemade pork roll). Everything, of course, accompanied by an excellent local wine.

It is a perfect experience for summer and winter. The lamb, to be well done, must be cooked on a big fire and needs  glowing embers during the whole process. In other words, a lot of heat. With a single roasted lamb and the accompaniment of the appetizers described above, up to ten persons can eat.

There is a tradition that comes from the Mapuches (one of the Chilean native people) related to this experience that is still alive, the Ñachi ritual. Ñachi means blood in mapudungun, the language of the Mapuches. During the lamb’s sacrifice, its blood is collected in a bowl with cilantro, merken, onion, garlic and salt. Then it is stirred and lemon juice is added. When the blood is coagulated, it is cut into small squares and served with wine. It is a very tasty dish full of proteins and vitamins, that makes you relaxed and sleepy.
If you like traditional local food, and eating by a fire out in the open air in the countryside, don´t miss this experience!
Four hours and a half approx.


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