Chocolate experience

Chocolate experience
Elisabeth Romero is the chocolate master and producer of the exquisite bonbons Valle del Maipo: 70% cacao, black, white and with organic filings of her own production.

In this experience you will feel the pleasure that comes from enjoying high quality chocolate bonbons melting in your mouth. Elizabeth will tell you about the interesting history of cocoa consumption by mankind and the process she uses to prepare some of her original wine bonbons (carmenere, merlot…). No doubt, another expression of the valley’s  oenological personality.

Elizabeth imports the superior quality chocolate bars directly form Belgium, the chocolate industry world leader. There they carefully control the processing of the pure chocolate ingot from the growing of cocoa trees in tropical regions and the selection of the best grains, to the smallest detail of the baking, crumbling, mixing and pressing processes.

Once the bars are in Maipo Valley, Elizabeth, as she will show you,  carries out the tempering process by melting the chocolate with precise hits of heat and rising the  temperature up to fifty degrees Celsius approx.

In order to make the chocolate crystallize as it should, to get a smooth brightness and to make the texture homogeneous, three quarters of the melted chocolate is placed on a stone slab to cool down and another quarter is kept hot. From now on the expertise and sensitivity of the chocolate master play a very important role on the quality of the final product.

When the melted chocolate is getting dense over the stone, the master has to prevent it from crystallizing completely by mixing it with the chocolate that is still melted until she gets that fantastic chocolate that looks so good and tastes so delicious.

Elizabeth also makes bonbons for diabetics so they can enjoy them likewise. At the end there will be a tasting and you can also take some home.

If you like quality chocolate, tasting fine bonbons and trying new flavors, don’t miss this experience!

One hour and a half activity.


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