De Martino winery

De Martino winery

Reinventing Chile.

De Martino´s challenge has been to create wines that are a true reflection of their origin and show Chile´s unique diversity. To do so, the winemaking team constantly travels from north to south and from the coast to the Andes, seeking out the most incredible places for producing wines with tremendous personality. Reinventing Chile represents De Martino´s vision, and the primary objective of this innovative focus on production is to show that Chile has the potential to produce world-class wines.

De Martino is a leader in embracing and promoting the following pillars that sustain this focus:

Terroir. Our winemakers have traveled around Chile from north to south for the past 14 years in search of the best terroir for each of the grape varieties that we work with. We have vinified grapes from more than 350 different vineyards, and as a result we have obtained the best spots in the country to produce wines of special character, which is expressed in all the De Martino ranges. Our winemakers are backed by a team of expert consultants that includes geologists and viticulturists. The pioneering work at De Martino of our winemaker Marcelo Retamal has been recognized with important awards:

– Best Chilean Winemaker, Guía de Vinos de Chile, 2004
– Best Chilean Winemaker, Círculo de Cronistas Gastronómicos, 2004
– “Enólogo Calidad Bicentenario” (Best Chilean Winemaker of the Decade), Guía de Vinos de Chile, 2009

Pioneers of and specialists in Carmenere. We are proud to have been the first Chilean winery to export Carmenère. In 1996 we decided to register the Carmenère grape in Chile and exported the first bottle. From that day on, we decided to take on the Carmenère as a personal challenge and set ourselves the task of producing world-class wines from this vine. Nowadays our bottles of Carmenère are ambassadors around the world and travel to more than 30 countries, enjoying international prestige. Our terroir in Isla de Maipo provides the perfect conditions for this variety, which is reflected in our Alto de Piedras Carmenère.

Tasting wines from the most diverse valleys in Chile, sampling one of the best Carmenères in the world, trying the organic wines and getting to know the inside of the exciting word of wine production you can experience all this and much more on our tours, which will make your visit unforgettable and all of this just an hour from Santiago.

On the tour, a bilingual guide will explain the whole winemaking process for our wines with a tour of the winery which takes in the reception area for the grapes, the winemaking area, the bottling room and the barrel cellar. The tour continues to the shop´s lounge for a guided tasting where you will taste wines from the most diverse valleys in Chile such as Limarí, Choapa, Maipo and Maule , a world-renowned Carmenère and 100% organic wines from our Isla de Maipo vineyards. It´s the ideal opportunity to sample the best and most varied wines that Chile has to offer.

De Martino Tour 

30 $  US Dollars (per person) 

$ 17.500 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)
My Wine Tour 

59 $  US Dollars (per person) 

$ 35.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)
De Martino Tasting (without tour) 

24 $ US Dollars (per person) 

$ 14.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)
Fanatics Tasting (without tour) 

29 $ US Dollars (per person) 

$ 16.700 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)
Lunch (without tour or tasting) 

78 $ US Dollars (per person) 

$ 46.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Lunch + De Martino Tour 

109 $ US Dollars (per person) 

$ 65.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)
Lunch + My Wine Tour 

137 $ US Dollars (per person) 

$ 82.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

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