Once inside our vineyard, you will be received by our guide, who will explain the different aspects of our company, its past, some Chilean traditions, and our present state.

Thru the tour, you can walk in between the grape vines, casona, bodega, and immerse yourself in our organic wine agriculture. At the organic vineyard, you will be able to see its development, how they evolve, and the technology behind that finally evolves in our wine.

Natural cultivation of the grape vines, with minimal human intervention, results in healthy and mature grapes, an excellent raw material for our line of wines. While walking inside our bodega, you will also be able to see, some machines that where used in the wine making process, in its early years, and taste our Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

Finally, in our Wine Shop, you will be able to buy our wines, and other interesting souvenirs.

Tour Information:

Vendimia in viñedos Miraflores organico: (March 15 – April 30) Harvest our grape vines with the family or friends, making your reservations previously, minimum of 5 people per party. Once finished, you will taste our Sol y Viento & Gil Ferrer wine lines with a home made empanada.
$ 15 US Dollars (per person)
$ 8.500 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Viña organica & prune plant:
(February) Guided tour, of the dehydrating prune, plumb plant and its productive process as well as our organic grape vines, bodega, ending with a tasting of our wines, with cheese and prunes.
$ 15 US Dollars (per person)
$ 8.500 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Educative Tour: This program leads to learning about organic agriculture, respecting its surroundings, and promoting moderate consumption of alcohol.
$ 15 US Dollars (per person)
$ 8.500 CLP Chilean pesos (per person) 

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